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I was born in Kamakura, Japan, grew up in Yokohama and as an adult worked in Tokyo.
I have trained classic ballet, gymnastics and practiced the Way of Tea in Japan.

I came to the United States to study. I've studied Multimedia Arts, Fine Art, and Theater Arts in Berkeley; Oakland, California.


A challenging position where I can utilize my training in MULTIMEDIA and make positive contributions to a team.

Computer Skills

PC & Mac

Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Painter,

Flash, Dreamweaver,

Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro,

Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Zen practices

The Way of Tea, 8 years,

Flower Arrangement, Karate; Yoga

Dance practices

Classic ballet, 6 years,

Gymnastics, 3 years,

Choreography, Salsa, Hip Hop; Jazz


North America: NY, WDC, CA, IL, Hawaii; Central America;

Europe: England, France, Italy

Asia: China, India, Malaysia, Singapoule, Indonesia, Hong Kong,


Favorite Website